For many people, the new coronavirus reality has three major constants: You should stay 6 feet away from people, you probably won’t find toilet paper anywhere, and you may find yourself joining a lot more video conference calls.

Whether you use Zoom (or a similar tool) for a work meeting, a virtual happy hour with friends or an academic class, chances are you’re going to encounter some pretty funny mishaps. It doesn’t matter if you’re a virtual pro or a complete newbie ― technology (or human error) can lead to disaster. And that can result in internet gold.

We rounded up a few tweets that capture the hellish and hilarious world of video conferencing right now. Take a look at the misfortune and other laughworthy accounts below:

in my first zoom class prof started sharing screen and one of her folders is just in all caps DIVORCE

— Magdalena Paz (@magdalenapaz22) March 16, 2020

my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting

— Rach (@PettyClegg) March 30, 2020

omg HELP i was messing around with some zoom add-on and now i have to do a serious business interview and am stuck like… this

— erin griffith (@eringriffith) March 24, 2020

So apparently whoever was in charge of live-streaming my brother’s church service knowingly or unknowingly used a googly-eyes filter on the priest.

— Kelsey Lewis Vincent (@KelseyMLoo) March 22, 2020

Everybody in my Zoom meetings uses these virtual backgrounds that show them in national parks or magical places like Hogwarts, meanwhile I uploaded a photo of my clean living room and feel like I’ve been pulling one over on everyone for weeks.

— Nina M. Flores, PhD (@bellhookedme) March 30, 2020

My research team met on Zoom today so we can keep up with work. I added a virtual background and decided to have fun with it. But, I fell off my chair. However, my team has such deep and abiding respect for me that they didn’t find this funny at all. Not at all.

— Jeffrey Butts (@JeffreyButts) March 17, 2020

My husband’s working from home and just shouted to me from the living room: “I’m going into a video meeting…” so I jokingly shouted back “I guess I should put a shirt on?” and then he finished his sentence “…and they can hear you.”😳

— Rita Meade (@ScrewyDecimal) March 17, 2020

proposing on the beach:

– boring

– predictable

– ignores social distancing advice

proposing on a Zoom call:

– romantic

– can change your background to a sad clown if they say no

– Greg from Accounts is there for some reason

— ruby🦎 (@roobeekeane) March 25, 2020

Zoom lets you set custom backgrounds and I have a green screen and green shirt so my coworkers have to deal with my shit for the next 2 months

— Lesbian Disaster (@xespera) March 24, 2020

My kid just walked into my video conference, yelled “look at my penis,” and hit the button on his fart machine. Working from home going really great!

— Jenna Weiss-Berman (@WBJenna) March 17, 2020

just started talking to my cat in the middle of a 68-person zoom meeting—and i wasn’t muted!!! send the meteor!!!!

— daniel taroy (@danieltaroy) March 16, 2020

Working from Home, Week 2

Wandered into my spouse’s office and accidentally Zoom-bombed a meeting in my underwear to ask if we were having leftovers for lunch.

— Jason Pearl (@jasoninmia) March 28, 2020

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