Gender reveal parties ― those extravagant get-togethers where expectant parents find out the sex of their baby ― can be pretty polarizing. Not everyone is into them, for a variety of reasons.

One thing everyone can probably agree on, though: dog reveal photoshoots. Below, 15 adorable puppy photo shoots give standard gender reveal pics a run for their money.

1. This couple and their new pupper, Howl

2. A little rescue puppy named Rey

3. This incredibly cute compromise

Lindsay Wise

Lindsay Wise

4. This teeny tiny treasure, Anna

5. This forever-homed pupperino, Jackie

6. Ramen, a deliciously named (and adorable) shiba inu mix

7. It’s a … ridiculously cute pitbull called Chloe!

8. This Best. Gift. Ever.

9. Who needs a boy or a girl when you’ve got Eleanor the golden doodle?

10. This little nugget named Chummy

11. Gunther, the long-haired dachshund!

Lara Thomas

12. This pretty pup, Remi

I Do Graphics LLC

13. This heckin’ cute husky, Blue

14. This sunlit pupper, Jax

Kayla Polhamus

Kayla Polhamus

15. And finally, this regal gal named Raleigh