Is too much choice, thanks to apps like Tinder and Hinge, ruining modern dating?

Maybe a little bit, but it also might be that we’re all just really terrible at dating. Need proof? Below, 29 tweets that you’ll relate to if first dates aren’t really your thing.

[first date]

me: [remembers girls like a little mystery] *doesn’t show up*

— FRO VO (@fro_vo) January 7, 2019

I went on a date with a guy that kept trying to fill the awkward silence with “well, cheers!” we cheers-ed approx 300 times #WorstFirstDate

— Emily Rosa (@Emilyrosa) January 10, 2018

true story: a dude took me on a first date that was a double date once and the other dude was a 9/11 and fluoride truther

— Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) March 19, 2015

[me on a first date]

Hi sorry I’m drunk already

— denise (@Stellacopter) August 6, 2015

One time on a first date I yawned and the guy stuck his fingers in my mouth. I was like “wtf” and he said he used to do it to his ex. I didn’t know her but I understood her decision to leave him

— sarah schauer 🦂 (@SJSchauer) November 12, 2018

Is it crude to tell a girl to “Google me” on a first date?

Asking for a friend.

— Disguised Toast (@DisguisedToast) April 1, 2017

“I can’t do this anymore.”

-Me on a first date

— Connor McGoose (@kelownagoose) January 9, 2019

me on a first date: *trying to act casual* so uhhhh do you know your moon sign? or any of your other planets? do you know your exact time of birth off the top of your head maybe? cause i mean…i could like, show you some cool stuff

— pink witch 💫 (@starpriestess) January 2, 2018

There’s a first date going on at this Starbucks. The guy is buying a Tesla. It’s got a six year battery lifespan. It’s part of his lifestyle. He’s committed to reducing his carbon footprint.

I moved.

— Jim (@sullie72) January 5, 2019

me on a first date: “so, uh, what’s your favorite airline boarding music??”

— mac jaehnert (@macjaeh) January 11, 2019

Look, I don’t think we can survive you liking other girls’ selfies on social media.

-Me, on a first date.

— Kung Fu Kanga (@_little_old_me) August 17, 2018

our first date we played the “guess that couples’ story” game, but everytime it was his turn he just kept saying “she pegs him and I wish it was me”

— Tami (@TamiDaBushPilot) January 5, 2019

Me on a first date: “but enough about memes, let’s talk about you”

— Louis Michael (@Louisxmichael) April 28, 2017

Me: *Orders our food fluently in Italian to impress my date*

McDonald’s drive thru employee: what

— McCrazy (@McCraeOfficial) January 10, 2019

The guy accidentally texted me instead of his mate about how the date was going, saying he regretted asking me out. We both checked our phones at the same time. There was an awkward silence for the rest of the ride. #WorstFirstDate

— Maïté Lombard (@MaiteLombard) January 10, 2018

people in my IG comments: how are you still single?

me on a first date: are you familiar with the concept of horse girls?

— Korey Kuhl (@koreykuhl) September 21, 2018

This dude keeps asking me on a first date to the shooting range… Bruh, I’ve seen too many episodes of criminal minds for this bs.

— 𝐻𝑒𝓁 (@hayeelen) January 10, 2019

A woman told me on a first date that she’d like me more if I grew a man-bun. The whole world is a prank.

— Sean Thomason (@TheThomason) October 12, 2015

Me on a first date: So what was the last mitski song you had a breakdown to?

— aggressive nitole (@hauxchoa) January 11, 2019

My date said he’d pick me up but didn’t mention that his Mom would be the one driving the car. #WorstFirstDate

— Annie Jackson (@Annie_Jackson7) January 10, 2018

Me on a first date: “Can you take a picture of me from across the table so I can post it on social media? All my pics are selfies and I don’t want people to think I’m a narcissist.”




Me: “Make it look candid.”

— Steph Clattenburg (@S_Clattenburg) August 31, 2018

One time this guy told me the story of how a ghost tried to kill him and began crying to me in a bar #WorstFirstDate

— the lorenzo Ⓥon matterhorn (@pcnannerhammock) January 10, 2018

*goes on a first date with a perfectly lovely person*

my brain:

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

don’t say it

Me: are you a serial killer

— Summer Ray (@SummerRay) November 11, 2018

On our first date, my husband choked on an omelet and blew an onion out of his nose. I married him anyway. #WorstFirstDate

— Maureen Fonda (@mfonda) January 10, 2018