Martha Stewart has been experimenting with her Instagram selfies over the past year or so. And, as evidenced by one of her latest posts, she has now officially discovered face-editing apps.

The domestic goddess and businesswoman on Monday posted a new selfie on the photo-sharing platform. She raved in her caption how “fun” it was to doctor her photo using the editing app FaceApp. The post features side-by-side actual photos of Stewart: one unedited, and one edited.

“Just subscribed to #face app which takes your photo and ‘cleans it up’ as a great photographer would do for an advertising campaign or beauty cover,” she wrote in the caption. “It’s FUN, too.”

The differences in the two photos are slight, yet mesmerizing to look at.

Photo editing apps are nothing new, and we’ve written about their dark side on a number of occasions. But at least Stewart is being honest about her edits. And we do agree that photo-editing apps can be fun, particularly when using cartoon-like animal filters, like so:

Wonder if Stewart will try her hand at editing her food photography next?

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