These little moments of love will look familiar to anyone in a relationship.

Artist Catana Chetwynd has been illustrating life with her boyfriend — nay, fiancé! — John for the last three years in her popular series “Catana Comics.” 

In December, John popped the question to Chetwynd while they were on a holiday getaway.

“After exchanging gifts, John said he forgot one more upstairs and to close my eyes,” she told HuffPost. “When I opened them again, John was on one knee. We were both so excited that it’s hard to remember much detail after that — there was a lot of hugging and crying on my part.”

And so far, engaged life really suits the couple. The best part, Chetwynd said, is getting to refer to John as her fiancé.

“I work it into any sentence I can,” she said.“‘Hey fiancé, pass me the remote.’”

In her comics, Chetwynd continues to capture recognizable relationship moments in funny and adorable ways.

…Like when your partner has the audacity to finish all the snacks: 

Catana Comics

Or how you both insist on changing into comfy clothes the minute you get home:

Catana Comics

Or when you just can’t resist sneaking in a little butt squeeze: 

Catana Comics

“Every day there is something that happens where both John and I look at each and just know that it’s going to be a comic eventually,” the artist previously told HuffPost

Fans of the series might be surprised to know that the real-life couple are polar opposites in a lot of ways. 

“John’s organized, I’m definitely not. I’m creative and he’s more left-brain. I’m a night owl, John’s more of a morning bird,” Chetwynd said. “It kind of keeps our relationship exciting because we both challenge each other to try different things. Plus, if it weren’t for him, my filing cabinet would be a trainwreck.”

It was actually John who encouraged Chetwynd to create a comic about their relationship in the first place. She made a few for fun, but never planned to post her artwork online. John took ended up sharing some of the comics on Reddit in 2016, where they quickly took off. 

For more of Chetwynd’s work, visit her website, follow her on Instagram or pre-order her forthcoming book “Snug.”

Below, see more of her quirky and cute comics:  

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