Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon are asking you to stay the hell away from your grandmas (or at the very least, 6 feet.)

The celebrity pals joined forces in a video call for Monday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show” to debut their new social distancing song: “Don’t Touch Grandma.”

“Thanks to this stupid virus, there are some new grandma rules,” Sandler sings.  

The song continues:

“Don’t touch Grandma,

leave her alone,

you can spend a quarter

to call her on the phone.

Cause grandmas like to pinch your cheeks

and kiss your head and hug.

But I don’t want my grandma

catching any superbug.

So don’t touch grandma,

keep it to Zoom,

or learn to play Canasta

from across the room.

Grandmas want to make you sweaters

and to bake you cookies.

But you must tell your grandma:

No touchy, just looky.”

Check out the rest of their ditty below.

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