President Donald Trump wants to open the country by Easter, and Seth Meyers is here to explain why that’s not very egg-cellent.

In his latest “Late Night on Lockdown” video from home, Meyers takes on the president’s recent comments to get the country up and running again despite an accelerating coronavirus pandemic.

“Trump is a quintessential con man, which is bad when you’re running a casino into the ground, but it’s especially bad when you’re in charge of responding to a deadly pandemic ravaging the country’s health care system and cratering the economy,” said Meyers. “This is a situation everyone was worried about when we decided to put the most self-centered man on Earth in the most powerful office on Earth.”

Throughout the 16-minute “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers repeatedly plays back Trump’s own words, including the multiple times the president said the disease would magically “disappear.”

“Trump’s fundamentally unequipped to handle the reality of a situation like this because he has never dwelled in reality,” Meyers said bluntly.

Now the president is saying he wants the country up and running by Easter, and Meyers explained “fringe characters on the right” such as “Glenn ‘Death Panels’ Beck” are goading him on in a “sadistic plan” to get people to work, even though they could die, all in the name of saving the stock market.

“We’re now in an extremely dangerous moment where a reckless ruling class and a self-absorbed president are trying to prematurely end the fight against a dangerous pandemic because their stock portfolios are taking a hit. This is sociopathic governance,” Meyers said.

You can watch the whole video above, but don’t be surprised if you come out looking as shocked as this Easter Bunny:

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